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Driving Lessons / What We Teach

K53 Defensive Driving Method

The K53 driving method is a set of defensive driving rules and procedures that form the basis for the driver's licence test. It is critical to follow the K53 driving method to pass your driver's test.

Driving Test Techniques

Many learner drivers may have a lot of driving experience and confidence but still fail their driver's test due to incorrect technique. We teach you how to drive the way the examiner wants you to.

Testimonials / What Our Students Say

  • I was amazed how calm and patient Shaheed was, considering how shocking my driving was. Really happy to have been taught the correct driving method from the start and shocked to have passed first time!
    Etienne, 21.
  • At the end of my first lesson, Shaheed had me driving on the road. His confidence and trust in me has given me confidence for my test.
    Sharon, 28